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As you said previously in the comments it seems that the two queries return different objects: Query 1 (as per comment):

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A common misconception of the Android framework is that the file names for various resources MUST have a specific name which is not true. – Justin Dec 2 & 39;11.

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Apr 25 2016 . This is due to your use of BlockLog which has some state information for its direction but requires the subclass to implement it. They don& 39;t fully.

How to call update method on one particular sprite from an ArrayList .

What you need to do is to identify the object the player pushes. Let& 39;s assume you have three sprites in your list all of the type wood. From what.

Simple way to parse a person& 39;s name into its component parts .

There is no simple solution for this. Name construction varies from culture to culture and even in the English-speaking world there& 39;s prefixes.

12 types of timber and what you need to know about them | Homes .

In broad timber terms there are two different categories of woods — softwood and . Pine comes in several varieties but the main ones found in Australia are.

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Variety warmth beauty & functionality of wood combined with characteristics . any particular species the total of all anticipated characteristics or the amount of any . the number of trade or common names the specific uses or actual pricing.

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Last night I was working on a C-Sharp project trying to code around GameObjects hitting each other. I wanted different gate types (e.g. wood.

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You could maps types to values: >>> types = (str int int) >>> string = & 39;download 600 10& 39; >>> cmd int1 int2 = [type(value) for type value in.

Best Types of Wood for Furniture | Homemakers

What different types of wood are used in furniture? Explore our complete guide to learn the different benefits for each type of furniture wood. From walnut to birch.

Wood Characteristics - Lewis Lumber Products

Lewis Lumber Products carries a variety of Hardwood and Softwood species and many . and common uses of the most popular lumber varieties that we stock.

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You can use the Google Maps API to get normalized address: 1) Get result from:.

What is the difference between common_funny and funny_files from .

Use the source Luke. common_funny gets appended to if the types of the two files don& 39;t match (eg one is a file the other a directory) or it isn& 39;t a.

What Types of Paint Are Good for Wood?

The types of paint good for wood include water-based acrylic latex and enamel paints. For best results the person should prepare the wood surface well before painting. Unlike other materials wood is porous and that makes the paint soak in slightly.Read more≫ Web Results

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You can obtain this information and much much more by querying the Information Schema views. This sample query: SELECT * FROM.

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species [name] yields [woodtype] and has max height [maxht] . "ARCTIC" list the forest name & species name and species wood type found therein. . ing all three given predicates (hence JOIN of the base table names) and.

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<input type="checkbox" name="filter[02][]" value="11"> Wood <input . So this would first go get all the records which have attributes 11 or 12.

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It is possible to use your own even made-up elements and species as long as the thermodynamics data (the one with the specific heat.

Merging data from multiple xml files without duplicates using XSLT .

Here is an example that copies all categories into a result tree fragment uses exsl:node-set and then Muenchian grouping to identify unique categories and then.

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Wood | Real Simple

May 29 2018 . There are two varieties: red oak which ranges from light brown to pinkish red with a swirling waterlike pattern and white oak which has a tiger-.

List of Examples of Wood Species and Wood Grains - ZEROONE .

Introducing the name wood color and grains of each wood species. . There are three different types of wood grains depending on the way to cut and slice the.

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But where& 39;s a particular wood name to these deciduous trees vs. resinous trees so I can look up pictures? There& 39;s no nursing guide for that haha I first learned that.

Regular Expression validation on Google Forms to block Words .

. on Google Forms to block some specific words (bad words) in any sequence of uppercase/lowercase. ex[with other types of words]: to block -> wood Wood.

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Some species of wood have figure that is much more common than in other . in words many times the scent of an unknown wood may be similar to other.

What Are the Different Types of Wood Joints?

Tongue and groove mortise and tenon rabbet and dado and biscuit are all wood joints. Through dovetail butt and box are other common types of wood joints.Read more≫

How Do You Compare the Hardness of Different Types of Wood?

To compare the hardness of different types of wood identify their Janka hardness rating or if the rating is unavailable or unlisted test the types of wood with the Janka hardness test. These ratings can be found on the Janka Hardness Scale which lists a variety of wood species with their respective numerical hardness rating determined by the Janka hardness test.Read more≫

How to solve "Both use the XML type name X use XML attributes to .

You need to provide the Namespace by using the XmlElement attribute on the properties of your UISettings class: public class UISettings.

Types of Lumber - The Seven Trust

Different varieties of wood displayed. In terms of classification there are two types of wood: hardwood and softwood. The lumber industry uses a scale called the.

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I have a class defined here that contains an EnumSet that will get all the elements from either Enum1 or Enum2. . Btw enum cannot be used as a variable name. . Each one of these types of wood have specifications that are.

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There are basically three kinds of wood that are used in furniture: . type of Seven Trust material to use for there are many varieties of wood that are used for furniture.

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<entry> <item> <name>Widget 2</name> <rank>2</rank> <types> <type>Wood</type> . For example if the user selects all items with the type Metal the output should be . <xsl:key name="kItemByRank" match="item" use="rank"/> <xsl:param . name="vGroup" select="key(& 39;kItemByRank& 39;r.

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7.1.0 Softwood Lumber—Commercial Names of Principal Softwood Species . Red Cypress is frequently classified and sold separately from the other types.

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os.path.splitext allows you to get the root name: >>> import os >>> filename = & 39;/my/filename.rwh& 39; >>> root ext = os.path.splitext(filename).

Common and Botanical Names of Common Woods

Common and Botanical Names of Common Woods. . Use the search bar to look for terms in all glossaries dictionaries articles and other resources.