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May 15 2018 . Cloudpost was briefly legal in Modern namely in between the format& 39;s . by cracking a Black Lotus or chaining Dark Rituals or casting Channel; . So that& 39;s the kind of Modern deck that got Cloudpost banned in just one month.

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Dec 19 2017 . . that casts big dumb things in legacy. Figured the old GU cloud post deck of old would be up my alley but it& 39;s near impossible to find a decklist to work off of that& 39;s recent. . Black Prison: Reeplcheep. * BUG Vial: utopia_mycon. * BUG Snow.

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Apr 21 2018 . No Banlist Modern Cloudpost deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering (MTG).

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May 14 2019 . This deck uses the Locus lands to unleash Ugin BIGGER Ugin Karn the Great Creator and a ton of lock pieces. Deck list:.

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Sep 2 2011 . Pro Tour Philadelphia Deck Tech: Breach-Post with Travis Woo. Magic: The Gathering. Loading. . 4 Cloudpost 1 Dryad Arbor 1 Eye of Ugin

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Magic: The Gathering (MTG) & Miniature Wargames Spoilers News & Articles Everything You . It comes into play untapped and taps for black and that& 39;s it.

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Primarily this is Cloudpost (which is now banned in Modern) powered up by Glimmerpost and/or copied by Vesuva. Alternatively the Urzatron consisting of.

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The current banned list for Modern is as follows: Ancestral Vision · Ancient Den · Birthing Pod · Blazing Shoal · Bloodbraid Elf · Chrome Mox · Cloudpost · Dark.

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Apr 9 2017 . look silly and uncounterable threats are almost impossible for a control deck with a slow clock to deal with. Cloudpost. The 12-Post decks don& 39;t.

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May 31 2019 . As one of the best fair decks in Legacy right now this interview is a great . A 7-1 finish with UG Cloudpost in the Legacy portion of an SCG Invitational . is amazing and deserves to see play – I still play black from time to time.

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Mar 30 2016 . Each additional Locus will cause each Cloudpost to tap for an additional mana. That means 2 Cloudposts tap for 4 and 3 will tap for 9. There is.

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Jul 20 2019 . However if you spend three when you exhaust it you add a black mana . A staple in my own colorless decks Cloudpost is also one of today& 39;s.

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Historic Mono Black Devotion . Browse All Historic Decks. Search Decks. Play Mode. All Best-of-Three (BO3) Best-of-One (BO1). Historic Deck Metagame.

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