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I believe that it is a term borrowed from the sport of fencing. When you say "touché" you are saying that the other person& 39;s argument touched.

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Feb 28 2017 . Builder(this); // Define the notification settings. builder. . intent) { // Get the transition type. int geofenceTransition = geofencingEvent.

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Your pseudo-code is NOT safe. Although accessing a word-sized integer is indeed atomic meaning that you& 39;ll never see an intermediate value.

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SOME OF THE TERMS USED IN FENCING. ABSENCE OF BLADE. when swords are not in contact. ADVANCE. to step forward. AIDS. the last three fingers of.

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For the other two weapons valid touches are only scored using the point of the blade. Épée: French for "sword" this weapon is similar to a foil but has a stiffer V-.

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Definition of Touché . Examples of Touché in a sentence. 1. Since we rarely make contact with each other in our beginning fencing class we hardly ever get to.

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From the British Fencing Dictionary. GUARDS. fencing positions - see prime seconde tierce quarte quinte sixte septime octave. For instance this gentleman.

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Dec 28 2015 . PDF | Performance testing in fencing is only meaningful in combination with fast . Through pre-defined programs where back and forth movement of the robot . Performance of the Touche when it is Performed Alone and in.

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When a small bird sitting on an electrified wire touches a ground (e.g. metal t-post . STEP 1: Define the purpose of the fence determine the species potentially.

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[French from past participle of toucher to hit or wound in fencing from Old French touchier to touch; see touch.] American Heritage Dictionary of the English.

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Yep "annoyed" has it right--it& 39;s touche and it means you& 39;ve made a good point. It comes from French fencing terminology and it& 39;s usually said when someone& 39;s.

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Builder(); // The INITIAL_TRIGGER_ENTER flag indicates that geofencing . Since this activity implements the { link ResultCallback} interface we are required to * define this method. . Dismiss notification once the user touches it. builder.

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Wildlife Mortality as a Result of Wildlife Crashing into Fences ......... 27 . Define the Problem and Select the Mitigation Measures Accordingly ....... 123 . When an animal touches the strands they experience an electric shock.

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If you& 39;re new to fencing or you& 39;re "checking it out" to determine if it is the sport for you . This wikiHow defines the words; it does not try to explain the techniques that . A touch is when the tip of one fencers weapon touches the target area on an.

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Fencing is a sport that uses a number of French words which can be confusing . most common terms and phrases used in fencing and the meaning behind them. . The jury is made of four people who watch for hits and touches in a bout that.

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En Garde: Position taken before fencing commences. Feint: A false attack intended to get a defensive reaction from the opposing fencer thus creating the.

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Aug 27 2006 . It is a term associated with the sport of fencing which means "touched" (aka "Ya got me "). When used in an everyday context it is meant as a.